Parts of Lanna Traditional Houses

Parts of Lanna Traditional Houses

House Assembly

1. Pok-Soa (setting the pillars)
Once the location of the house has been decided, there is a ritual to position the principal pillar or "Soa-Eak" on the ground. Traditional Lanna Houses are usually positioned to lie across the "path of the sun". That is to align the length of the house North-South. The room on the East side of the house is always the bedroom.

2. Beng-Soa (bracing the pillars)
After put all the pillars into the ground, a plumb-bob is used to make sure they are all set perpendicular to the ground. Whole bamboo trunks are used for the "bracing of the pillars" or Beng-Sao which will help supporting the pillars when other parts of the house are being added.

3. Adding main parts
The Pae-Hau-Sao (eave strut/eaves beam/wall plate) Tong (joist) and Wang (girder/beam) are the first few main parts to be added follow by Kue (tie beam) and then Pae (purlin).

4. Adding the Roof trusses
Dung (king posts) are put into place each supported by two Tang-Yo (principal rafter) on either side to form a roof trusses. Pae-Jong (ridge board) is then placed at the top of these trusses before Pae (purlins) are added.

5. Adding rafters
Gorn (common rafters) are then added on top of Pae (purlins), at the top connecting to Pae-Jong (ridge board) .

6. Adding roofing battens
Mai Kan Fah (roofing battens) are placed on top of Gorn (common rafters), close enough for Din-Koh (clay roofing tiles).

7. Adding roof tiles
Din-Koh (clay roofing tiles) are then laid on top of Mai Kan Fah (roofing battens) using the fold down at one end to stay in place.

8. Adding the floor boards
Mai-Pan (floor boards) are then laid along the house length on top of Tong (joist).

9. Adding walls
Thin wooden planks are then used to create the outer wall of the house and also used as partitions to create rooms.

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