Lanna Traditional House Museum

Lanna Traditional House Museum

4. Kalae House-Heaun Phaya Wong

This Kalae House is comprised of twin main compartments sharing the same platform.Each compartment has separate gable roofs. Between the two gable roofs, there is a wooden gutter or Hang Lin. The transitional corridor under this gutter is called Hom Lin . Both compartments served as sleeping areas of the extended family of Phaya Wong. There is a separate smaller compartment at the rear for cooking. The bathroom was built away from the house.The front covered veranda or Toen has a wooden partition extending from the wall called Fah Lab Nang to give some privacy to the female occupants during the day. It was very well-built with hardly any nails used.
The space under the gable is lofty without a ceiling under the roof structure.This is in order to aid the air circulation through the roof. In place of a ceiling, there is a wooden shelf or Kwan to store artifacts such as Nam Ton earthenware water containers. At the ceiling level there is also a Kua Yan to give footholds while repairing the roof.
The sleeping area is separated from the front veranda by a continuous wall from the floor to the gable tip called NabToen. The bedroom doors can be locked from the inside by a latch called a Saew. Above the door to the sleeping area,there is a notable decorative lintel called Hum Yon. Underneath the door, there is a wooden threshold, or Khom Tu.
The floor structure contains one strip of wide and thick wooden planks called Pan Tong.These plank, which are supported by a mid-span post called Sao Pok, help stabilize the floor structure. Since they are separate from the normal floor planks, they also serve as a sturdy path way to walk during the night since they make less noise.
The post and beam system of this Kalae house is constructed from teak wood. The posts were axed into an octagonal shape. Each main compartment and the front terrace used six pair of posts - excluding the mid-span posts.The wall supporting posts have beams or Waeng running through them,which support the joists, which in turn support the wooden planks. At the front and back gable, there are mid-gable posts supporting the top beam called Pae Jong .At the top of the posts

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